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Numismatic Books

All the Money in the World
Douglas Mudd   (2006)    
175 pages   HB       
This is a fascinating and unique overview of international currency. It chronicles how political and economic forces have shaped the development of coinage and paper money through the ages. The book provides a stunning and informative look at money's vital role in shaping both our past and present and influencing our hopes for the future.

Numismatic Forgery
Charles M. Larson   (2004)
An illustrated, annotated guide to the practical principles, methods and techniques employed in the private manufacture of rare coins.                        

Money a History
Jonathan Williams   (1997)      
256 pages   HB
This book includes a full review of coinage types from the era of Ancient Greece through to Medieval Europe, India, China and the Modern Era. The book is heavily illustrated.                                                                                   
Illegal Tender - Gold Greed and the Mystery of the Lost 1933 Double Eagle
David Tripp   (2004)
363 pages featuring the most valuable ounce of gold in the world.
Official Guide to Coin Grading and Counterfeit Detection
by Professional Coin Grading Service   (1997)
324 pages outlining the standards for grading United States Mint State coins with 48 pages of full color illustrations.             
Notes on English Silver Coins 1066 - 1648
B.A. Seaby
88 pages with chapters on the Great Britain coinage of Henry II to Charles I.  

The Coinage of Cuba 1870
Thomas Lismore   (1966)  
47 pages
This book is a full review of the metallic currency of Cuba from 1870 to 1963.

The Early Paper Money of America
Eric Newman   (1976)
416 pages - a comprehensive book on every aspect of United States paper money from the development of paper money to the current time period.       
Collecting Paper Money for Pleasure and Profit
Barry Krause
255 pages and 24 chapters featuring a comprehensive guide and handbook for collectors and investors.                          
The Coinage of Siam
Reginald le May
126 pages with 30 plates of illustrated coins                  
The Pioneer Western Bank - First of Denver 1860 - 1980
Robert Pulcipher (1984)
218 pages featuring a history of Pike's Peak Gold, Cripple Creek Gold and much more. Numerous color illustrations throughout the book.

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